Our Process

At Capital V. Group, it is our mission to provide comprehensive, well researched plans for our clients through our extensive consultative process.

Gather Information

We will have a brief conversation or email exchange so that we can prepare for a productive first meeting. We will help you understand what to bring to our first meeting to help us analyze your situation better.

Set Goals

We get to know each other, and answer your questions. We want to know your goals, aspirations, and worries. This will help us give you our initial thoughts and analysis. The key here is Mutual Fit, to see if it makes sense to work together.

Build a Plan

In this meeting, we will have a check-up of your current portfolio and whether you should be doing something different, a social security income strategy analysis and other aspects.

The initial interactions and first meeting are ALWAYS complimentary. There is no cost. Beyond the first meeting, we will figure out – together – how and if to move on to successive meetings.